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Shirelle Diamond Hogans

Meet Ms. Diamond

Ms. Shirelle DIAMOND Hogans is the 2022 recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for the work she does in the community. She is an Amazon Best Selling Author, Public Health Prevention Advocate for teen pregnancy, domestic violence, sexual assault and suicide and violence education. An experienced Nurse of 23years, thriver of all aforementioned traumas, international empowerment speaker and an ally to community pillars.

Heart Smile Highlights: Social Emotional Educator for Elementary to Adult, Maternal Health Nurse Educator at Delaware Adolescent Program Inc (DAPI) for pregnant and parenting teens, Suicide and Violence Education via a CJC federal grant for at risk youth, facilitating “Championing Compassion: ABC Fundamentals for Preserving Quality of Life” workshops to UD Nursing Students and speaking with Federal Senators on Capitol Hill regarding the health disparities in the State of Delaware which included a private White House Briefing regarding Violence in America and the policies and bills in place.

In 2017 she became a writer, director and producer of iMatter Film’s Prevention movie A FAMILY AFFAIR, a creative educational film on trauma and resources, currently traveling the world educating communities and corporations on how to transform trauma into triumph. Her latest book release MORE THAN ENOUGH was written for the teens she empowers across the globe. It provides insight and tools on building a healthy perception of self as the foundation of creating healthy relationships with others.